Day 1…

So today is the first day back to work after a much needed 2 week break. Sorry about the similar pictures… I didn’t get to use my full length mirror today! Here’s the outfit:

I just realized that out of everything I wore today, none of it was new! Oh well, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to wear all the nice, new stuff to work considering there’s 88 more days until our next break!

Here’s the low-down on what I wore:
1. purple shirt from Charlotte Russe (3 years old- bought during the summer on sale)
2. Grey skinny jeans from Forever 21 (also about 2 years old)- $25
3. Grey flats from rack room bought at a bogo half off sale for $30 (I just bought these and they’re on sale now for the same price)
4. Pink and black necklace from NY and Co. during the jewelry sale last month for $5.99
5. Diamond stud earrings from Claire’s (~$15) and vintage silver ring from my grandma.


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