I’m back….

Originally I started my blog chronicle my life as a high school science teacher and share my fashion ideas with an audience that is similar (maybe?) to myself. Well, that lasted all of 2 weeks. Ok. Maybe just 1 week….

I realized pretty quickly that I was falling behind in my picture taking (again- I think I lasted one week tops) and it gets hard trying to play catch up when life just kind of takes over. Lately, though, I’ve realized that I have a little more time and a real want to share a lot of my ideas and knowledge with others (outside of my boyfriend or my sisters) that might find those things to be interesting or helpful. I am hoping it sticks this time.

If you’ve followed me at all originally, you will see that I have added some new pages. My life isn’t all about being a high school teacher, and I think that’s what really made me realize I wanted to give blogging another chance- I don’t have to focus on just teaching!! I have a serious passion for working out (which is extremely necessary given all of the junk that I could consume in a day if I was left to my own devices), music, makeup and beauty regimens, as well as love for my dog, my family and my wonderful boyfriend. I plan to chronicle my life in all of these avenues beginning today- I hope you all enjoy!