Playing catch-up

Man, has it been a quick weekend! I know it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted, but I spent the end of last week (wed-fri) on a school field trip and have just been trying to catch up on my sleep and gym time since I had to skip 2 days in a row. The field trip was a lot of fun and I learned a lot of new things. We visited NASA in Virginia and I got to see some wind tunnels, research labs and the coolest part was the hangar. I learned that NASA is currently trying to make planes that fly themselves… Apparently that will be the way that we fly commercially in the future! Here’s the current plane they’re working on that technology in:

Sorry about the guy in front… That was completely unavoidable the whole time I was there.  Anyways, as I was saying I’ve also been playing catch up on my gym time. Yesterday the bf and I went to the gym in the morning after attempting to sleep in a little (I only got to sleep until 8:30ish thanks to him!!).  I attempted to run a 5k in under 30 mins and almost did it.  Honestly I think it was helpful for me to have taken 2 days off just to let my body rest because I was able to complete the 5k in 31 minutes. Soooo close but not quite!  I had a great tricep and ab workout after that and decided to spend the rest of the day outside and shopping around a little. It was close to 80 degrees yesterday and I’m loving it!!

Today’s workout was just cardio- 1 hour split between the treadmill and stair master after completing a 10 minute quick but tiring warm up on the elliptical. I think I will have to start posting my workouts soon.

Tonight’s dinner was burgers on the new grill my dad got for us for Christmas.

We finally don’t have a mini-grill anymore, so that means we were able to cook enough food for the entire week. Tonight I enjoyed a cheeseburger in a lettuce wrap. Sundays are no carb days for me, although that was really hard for me after my eating on the field trip.  Well, that’s about all I have for today. Tomorrow I’m going to share my first product review with you guys…. Exciting!!


Is it really spring?!

As promised, I’m back again for my first real post since last January. I figured there was no better way to start off then by uploading a couple of pictures of what I wore today. It was the first legitimately warm day this spring- I think we hit 85 degrees!! So, as a result, I had to wear my first dress of the year 🙂

Here’s the low-down: my black maxi dress was found at Forever 21 last fall for $12… a steal, don’t ya think?! The black cropped 3/4 length cardigan along with the jewelry (necklace and bracelet) are from NY and Company. I also wore some cheap ($4), thin-strapped rose gold flip flops from Forever 21 but they aren’t pictured here. The jewelry was $8 each this weekend (NY and Co has the best jewelry if you can catch it on sale!!) and the cardigan was bought a long time ago for somewhere around $30.

Well, not only did the weather get me in the mood to wear a dress- my workout was millions of times better today.  It usually is when it’s sunny and warm out.  I guess it makes me feel like my hard work is paying off seeing as it will be bathing suit season before you know it!  Today was a training day too, so that made it that much better.

I started off with a 10 minute run because I’ve just been so stressed lately (which has been coupled with my recent addiction to coffee in the mornings… how did I ever survive without it?!) and I needed to let off some steam.  I hopped on the treadmill and set my incline to 2 and kept my pace between 6-6.5 which me up for a 9-10 minute mile.  It was a nice start to the workout but I didn’t want to kill myself because today was hamstrings and back day!  I ended up doing lat pull downs, back extensions, assisted pull ups, deadlifts, good mornings, kettle bell single-leg dead lifts and body weight single-leg dead lifts, donkey kicks and inner thigh crossovers (or whatever you want to call them), seated leg curls, bent over rows, and I think that’s it… it looks like a lot more than it felt like at the time, but boy I’m surely feeling it now!!  I had planned to get back on the treadmill or the stairmaster and finish up my cardio but I knew I’d hate myself tomorrow morning, so I just ended up doing some ab exercises and then headed home.

Tomorrow I leave on a field trip with the senior physics kids to go to NASA, so I’m going to have to get a quick run in tomorrow morning so I don’t have to worry about exercising after that long 5 hour drive!!  Now it’s time for me to get packed up and then, *finally*, some much needed relaxation with the bf.