Egg Sandwiches Anyone?

Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday… this is George’s long week when he works more hours so I was enjoying some time with him!

But let’s get down to it!  This morning’s workout was supposed to focus around a nice spin class at my gym.  The trainer has been trying to get some classes going, but since it’s a smaller gym I guess it’s been a challenge trying to get people to sign up for classes.  Needless to say, that class didn’t actually happen :(.  I still had a great workout anyways!!

My workout started at home with this killer ab routine that I found on Pinterest:

Seriously intense!!

Seriously intense!!

It took me about 10-15 mins to complete this because, much as I didn’t want to, I ended up having to take a couple of 30 sec breaks in between exercises.  I think the hardest part for me was the bicycle crunches followed by mountain climbers…. super intense!  I wasn’t a huge fan of the tiger poses and the bird dogs, so in the future when I complete this ab routine I may switch those exercises out with more leg raises or reverse crunches.

After completing my abs at home, I went to the gym and completed 30 mins of cardio on my own (so sad that I couldn’t do my spin class!!) and did triceps.  Since I’m doing 2-a-days right now, I’ve already finished working every muscle group this week so I think tomorrow is going to be cardio only.

Once I was finished at the gym, one of my 3 favorite parts of the day came along… breakfast!!  I’ve been in a greek yogurt kick lately, but today I was really feeling a bagel sandwich.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any bagels because I don’t allow myself to buy them!  Instead, I settled on an egg and cheese english muffin sandwich.

Still missing something...

Still missing something…

I used 2 egg whites, cheddar and feta  cheese but wasn’t really in a meat mood.  My sandwich felt like it was still missing something, so  I decided to top it with some homemade strawberry jam.  So good!!

Ahh, much better!!

Ahh, much better!!

Now I’m off to start my day… xoxo!


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