Interval treadmill sprint workout

This morning started off with a text from a trainer at my gym telling me that the spin class for this morning was canceled :(. I had planned to bring a friend with me and was looking forward to a good, different workout but that’s ok I’m still a little sore from yesterday’s spin class.  Since I was already up early, I went ahead and went to the gym anyways.  I thought about just doing cardio, but when I got there I changed my mind.  I ended up doing 30 mins of mixed cardio, some abs and a small hamstring workout.

I started off with 10 mins on the stairmaster (THAT is a workout!!), followed by 30 mins on the treadmill.  I have been waiting on a new pair of Brooks, my shoe of choice, so I wanted to keep my run “light” to help prevent my dreaded shin splints from old shoes.  I’ve been dealing with more shin splints and ankle swelling than usual, so I decided to order the Pure Flows this time instead of my typical Pure Connects for a little more support.  I’m hoping I love them as much as my Connects!!



I wasn’t really feeling a workout at first, but after I warmed up on the treadmill my energy started to kick in!  My treadmill workout for this morning looked like this:


By the end of this workout I was soaked.  It’s a great choice for loosing some quick weight since it’s an interval workout that is constantly causing your heart rate to go up and down.  If you choose to do this workout outside, instead of “jumping off” the treadmill you can walk through the 30 sec rest periods.  When running on the treadmill, it’s hard to switch back and forth between a sprinting pace and a walking pace in a 30 sec time period!  I was pretty tired and went through my post run stretches and hamstring workout quickly.  I had a lunch date to make it to with a friend from some Hawaiian bagel chicken salad sandwiches!  Now it’s back to the gym for round 2 with George.  Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


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