Beauty Brands Liter Sale Goodies!

I had a slow start to my day today, but it felt good to sleep past 9 finally!  After George left for work, I laid around in bed with the baby and did my daily blog reading and online shopping.  I decided around 11 that I should probably start getting up and getting ready for my morning gym trip.  I haven’t had much energy in the mornings this week so I’ve been defaulting to a new morning snack to get me through my workout:

Peanut butter graham cracker

Peanut butter graham cracker

Peanut butter graham crackers!  I’m lucky that I made it up the stairs and only ate half the graham cracker along the way… that was hard to accomplish.  My sleeping baby perked up right away the second she smelled the peanut butter.  You can’t even open a container of it without her knowing about it!  I think this was a great wake up call for her.

Sleepy baby Rue

Sleepy baby Rue

Once I finally got myself out of the door and on my way to the gym, I got a text from a friend about Beauty Brands‘ yearly LITER SALE!!  For some reason I thought the sale started on July 1 and I have been counting down the days.  When I got that text, I bypassed the gym and went to pick out my new shampoo and conditioner.  Last year my products of choice were sold out before I ever made it Beauty Brands, but this year I was determined to beat the crowd.  Once I got there I quickly found out that my favorites were not on sale this year 😦 Oh well.  I ended up with the “Sexy Hair” brand’s “Smooth Sexy Hair” shampoo and conditioner.  The sale’s associate told me that was the closest to my first choice, AG Smooth and Sleek, so I figured I would try it out.

Smooth Sexy Hair infused with coconut oil

Smooth Sexy Hair infused with coconut oil

I’m excited to try this out, but a little cautious as well.  The sulfate free shampoo I ended up with last year (since my smooth and sleek was sold out) leaves a weird residue in my hair every time I wash it.  I have heard that’s common with a lot of sulfate free shampoos so I will be returning this one if that’s the case!

After my small little detour, I turned my butt around and went right back to the gym where I completed some cardio and abs.  I was tempted to run into Nothing Bundt Cake (which just so happened to be right next door to Beauty Brands) but I had to be strong.  Not to worry thought.  Cake and ice cream is definitely on the menu for tonight!


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