July Already?!

This month is passing by so fast!!  How is it July 7th already? Since my last post, I’ve been thinking pretty hard about what I could do to be proactive with my eating habits.  It hasn’t started off easily, especially since last weekend was July 4th.  George and I went to my mom’s to enjoy a small party on the lake that eventually turned into a large party on the lake.  Funny how that can happen 😉

My day started off on the right foot.  I enjoyed a pretty patriotic breakfast after the gym with some cherries, Dreaming Cow Creamery’s honey pear yogurt with blueberries and part of a Kashi chocolate chip chia seed bar.  I also enjoyed half of a wheat alternative bagel spread with PB&J.  I had quite a craving for that after my workout!

Independence day breakfast

Independence day breakfast

After breakfast, we headed to my mom’s.  Her party wasn’t set to start until after 4 pm, so we got there early to play some cornhole and enjoy the lake before everyone else got there.

View from mom's backyard.. so relaxing :)

View from mom’s backyard.. so relaxing 🙂

George and my stepdad returning from a jet ski ride.  Too funny!

George and my stepdad returning from a jet ski ride. Too funny!

The lake was fun but I was waiting all day for the food!  We had a great spread…. BBQ catered by Lancaster’s with mustard slaw, hushpuppies, and baked beans.  My mom also made a green salad filled with tons of veggies and some pasta salad.  I brought macaroni and desserts of course.  I drilled it into my head that I was only going to allow myself small helpings of everything, including dessert.  I did really well on my dinner.  I did try a little of everything but had to go back for seconds on the bbq and slaw.

Then the desserts were brought out… I made a super rich and creamy banana pudding and I did a little spin on the dessert my dad made for father’s day.  Instead of doing the blueberry cream cheese pie, I made a strawberry cream cheese pie (because strawberries were on sale and blueberries weren’t).  Along with my desserts, there was pound cake and cookies.  I started off well, but once these desserts came out my “small portions” remained small but I had multiple servings.  Needless to say I went home stuffed to the brim and upset that I allowed myself to eat that much.  I still had an enjoyable time, but I knew I couldn’t keep letting myself get off track.  I made a bargain with myself that I wouldn’t allow myself to eat any real desserts (aka cake, cookies, pie, ice cream sundaes) until my birthday dinner at my mom’s next weekend.  I turn 26 on July 17, but my mom will be out of town so I’m celebrating early with her.  I’m ok with that though because I’ve been waiting for weeks for that Keurig machine she bought me!!

I actually went over to my mom’s on Saturday too (all of the food AND desserts were still there…. I didn’t dare bring my desserts home!!) and was able to keep myself under control this time.  Victory!!  I had a bbq salad and 2 hushpuppies for dinner.  I brought over my own dessert this time in preparation for the temptation I knew I would have from my banana pudding.   I mixed some fage greek yogurt with chocolate pudding mix and froze it, hoping it would make greek yogurt ice cream like they sell in the grocery store.  Didn’t happen.  Oh well, it still tasted good with a little brownie brittle mixed in!

After enjoying a second day on the lake, we went out on the boat to watch the multiple fireworks shows going on around us.  It was a very peaceful ending to a nice 4th of July weekend.



I hope everyone else had a great 4th!  I would love to hear some of the best dishes that you enjoyed over the holiday weekend… I’m always looking for some great new recipes, especially those healthy sweets! 


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