Meal Deals and Triceps

This morning started off with another invigorating workout!  I went to the new gym (that I’m still on a free pass for) and tried out some of their equipment.  I really like the choices they have for cardio (shock absorbing treadmills… goodbye shin splints!!) but was a little thrown off by the cheap ellipticals they had.  They were weird to run on because they weren’t set at the right angle and that couldn’t be adjusted.  Oh well, the AMT machines make up for that 10 fold!

I started off with some abs at home today, then came in and did a short tricep workout that looked like this:


I supersetted (is that a word?) the push downs and cable extensions and doing those 2 exercises right off the bat really gets my arms burning!

I was a little intimidated to head into the free weight section of the gym because there were a lot of guys and NO girls in there, but no one said anything to me and I was able to complete my routine just fine!

After my workout I headed into Fresh Market to see what flavor coffee they had on tap for today.  Last week they had red velvet and it was so good.  Today they had chocolate cherry kiss and it was ok.  It was a pretty strong coffee so I had to add a lot of creamer and sugar to get it sweet enough for me.  Unfortunately after adding all that extra stuff I just didn’t feel good about drinking it anymore because I was afraid it would give me sugar cravings all day, so I enjoyed a few sips and threw it away. 😦

I happened to walk in during the right time, though, because today was meal deal day from 10-4 pm.  They were offering your choice of 4 gourmet burgers and buns, a large bag of chips, cole slaw and a box of their thin chocolate chip cookies for $20!!  I thought that was a steal but only opted for a pack of 2 portobello gouda burgers since I didn’t want to be tempted with anything else sitting around in my fridge.  They had samples out for shoppers to try and I’m glad they did because I wouldn’t have typically picked that flavor on my own!  Along with the portobello burgers, they also had chicken feta burgers, bacon cheddar hamburgers, and caesar turkey burgers.

Once I got home it was getting pretty late so I ate a quick breakfast and got changed so that I could head out with my friend Chelsea tonight.  We’re getting the cheesy bites pizza from Pizza Hut for dinner and stopping off at PDQ for some key lime milkshakes. I tried to keep my lunch light but filling by adding in tons of veggies, so hopefully that helps.

Tomato, spinach and goat cheese sandwich with peppers and Bing cherries on the side!

Tomato, spinach and goat cheese sandwich with peppers and Bing cherries on the side!

I’m still on this green tea kick because I swear it helps keep me from feeling extra hungry, so I enjoyed my lunch with an unsweetened Venti tea lemonade as well.

My fav tumbler.  It holds so much tea!

My fav tumbler. It holds so much tea!

I’ve been doing so well the past couple of days food-wise that I hate to splurge, but I am bringing along some sweet peppers and carrots to enjoy with my pizza in hopes that I’ll only eat 2 slices instead of 4 (or 6).

I can take down pizza like a man.  If calories didn’t matter I could eat an entire stuffed crust pizza by myself in 1 night.


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