Tomorrow’s my birthday!!

Alright guys. Of course it’s been a week (as it seems to go the last few times I’ve posted)… I promise, once school is back in session it will be a little bit easier to post since I’ll be recapping my work attire along with any other workouts/meals that I’ve enjoyed daily!  I thought this summer would be easier to post but sometimes I feel like I follow the same routine and don’t want to keep posting the same stuff repeatedly.  I thought about putting up posts with my daily outfit, but over the past month I have literally spent all but maybe 5 days in gym clothes. Oh well, that’s the beauty of summer… I can wear whatever I want!

Until the day that I can no longer wear what I want occurs (slow down, time!!), please enjoy my recap from the last few days!

Its been a busy week per usual on George’s days off:

*I have been doing a lot of two-a-days

It doesn't matter how many times I put my shoes up, they always end up in the same spot with multiple workouts on the agenda!

It doesn’t matter how many times I put my shoes up, they always end up in the same spot with multiple workouts on the agenda!

* Eating (of course)



**Finally finishing the cornhole boards

His and her's boards

His and her’s boards

*And  I celebrated my birthday with my mom 

Birthday queso dip!!

Birthday queso dip!!

That might sound confusing since my post title clearly states my birthday is tomorrow, but my mom is at the beach this week with my stepdad so we celebrated early.  I was a-ok with that though because I finally  got my Keurig and I got to enjoy my favorite dinner…. steak fajitas with tomato casserole and homemade red velvet cake for dessert!

Today I feel like I’ve finally caught up with myself and was able to enjoy a good workout at my gym.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to continue with my classes at the gym that offers BodyPump because they charge ridiculous joining fees ($149 and that’s on a special… who does that?!!) so I have had to go back to my normal routine this week.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve been doing the same thing though! I have a new workout to share with you guys based on what I’ve learned from the few BodyPump classes I did get to take. Today was a shoulder day, so I started off with abs at home.  I generally like to do abs at home because I feel like I’ve accomplished part of my workout before I even step into the gym and it makes the session pass a little quicker.

Baby Rue waiting on me to plank

Baby Rue waiting on me to plank (please excuse the holes in my socks!)

I don’t know what it is about getting the abs mat out, but Rue thinks it’s automatically play time and comes running up to me with her tail wagging and jumps on/around me as I go through my routine!  Sometimes I feel like she thinks she’s helping me, like when she crawls on my back and waits on me to plank as if she’s adding some extra weight for me to hold up.  Oh yea, all 3.5 pounds extra reallyyyy has me feeling the burn!!

After abs, I headed to the gym to complete 20 mins of cardio split between the stairmaster and elliptical and then finished up with a nice shoulder routine. My workout looked like this:


It was a quick one which was great because George and I had plans to meet up with some friends for lunch for our birthdays!  Out of the 4 of us, 3 of our birthdays are within 1 week of each other.  Mine is tomorrow, Clint’s was yesterday and his girlfriend Dani’s birthday was last Wednesday.  It was fun to get together and celebrate!

Well, George is itching to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and play some cornhole before we take baby Rue on a nice walk around the park tonight. There may or may not be a picnic involved… 🙂


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