The day is here!

For me, birthdays have always held a similar excitement to Christmas (except I’ve always looked more forward to Christmas than my birthday!).  As I’ve gotten older my birthday has become less and less about presents and more and more about where/what I’m going to choose to do and eat on my birthday.  The joys of getting older…

Bare with me because I left my phone at home for the day and will be relying on other “Google Images” pictures to tell my story!

Today has been one of the best birthdays I’ve had in a long time.  My day started off with a doctor’s appointment, so I decided to skip the gym since I had to start off my day on a less than fun note. 😦  After I finished with my doctor’s appointment, I got a phone call from George telling me that I had an appointment somewhere at 12 and needed to be home in time.  I stopped off at Starbucks (in Target so I could shop at the same time) and grabbed another one of these bad boys:

Can you guess what the :GTL" stands for?

Can you guess what the “GTL” stands for?

I also picked myself up a couple of cute dresses for my upcoming beach trip while I was in there. I had to hurry though to make it to my mystery appointment.  Once I got back in the car and started heading home, I got another call from George to tell me what my surprise was… a massage of my choice!  A couple of weeks ago he bought me some houseware items that I really wanted for our kitchen (a hand blender and griddle), so I wasn’t really expecting anything other than a card.  I was thrilled to get a massage because all those days in the gym have really taken a toll on my legs and neck.

I got to my appointment and enjoyed a deep tissue massage.

Ultimate relaxation

So relaxing!!

My masseuse was great and focused on my target areas for the perfect amount of time.  Once my massage was over, I headed home to wait on George while he was finishing up with his errands.  He left me a sweet card and a bag of peanut butter cracker jacks, so I munched on those as I waited.

We had plans to go to my favorite restaurant 131 Main for lunch/dinner (linner anyone?).  This is the main reason I look forward to my birthday… it is the only day of the year where I can go to 131 Main and order an app, my favorite entree and dessert and not feel guilty for consuming a 3 course meal!

We finally headed out for linner around 4 pm which was a little later than we wanted to.  We were hoping to hit the lunch menu for a couple of other food options, but we got there just in time for the dinner menu.  No big deal, my favorite meal can be found in both places so I can’t complain!

We started off with my favorite appetizer- the “double dip”.

The double dip for 2 double dippers

The double dip for 2 double dippers

A big basket of chips came with homemade guacamole, salsa and queso dip.  I remember the first time I ordered this plate I was a little upset when I saw that the queso that was described on the menu was actually cold and more resembled a block of cheese rather than the  gooey, cheesy, meaty dip everyone thinks of as “queso”.  I now regularly crave this cheesy concoction more than any other queso I’ve ever had.   George and I inhaled our dip in about 10 seconds as we waited on the main course.

shrimp and grits southern style

shrimp and grits southern style

Grilled trout

Grilled trout

George enjoyed his favorite meal, shrimp and grits, while I enjoyed the trout.  The fish is served with the skin on, but they cook it so perfectly that it easily flakes off of the skin for easy eating.  Like I said earlier, I forgot my phone so this picture doesn’t perfectly display the meal I ate.  Instead of the slaw, I enjoyed my fish with a chilled wild rice salad (to.die.for.) along with a lemon herb aioli as pictured.  The fish dish is so big that I always have half of the fish left and a good portion of my rice salad to enjoy the next day (or later in the night when my snack tooth re-awakens).

Of course we couldn’t end the meal without dessert.  Let’s be honest… dessert is really the reason I choose 131 Main every year.  Their pies (like all of the food on the menu) are freshly made every day with whole ingredients like perfectly ripened fruits, homemade whipped cream, and lots and lots of chocolate and caramel sauce (also homemade).  Usually I go for peanut butter pie every time.

Pb/chocolate pie

Pb deliciousness 

Butttt I just learned today that they’ve made the pie a seasonal item that’s only in season during the winter. 😦

Luckily the sadness didn’t last long because the peanut butter pie is not the only good dessert on the menu.  My second runner up is the banana cream pie which I got to enjoy in all it’s glory today.

No words can describe this pie...

No words can describe this pie…

As you can see, they cover the pie with tons of fresh bananas, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce and gobs of fresh whipped cream (I always ask for extra because it is that good).  As I was eating the pie I noticed that the signature bittersweet chocolate chunks and thick crust typically found in this dish were missing, so that was a little sad considering that I already had to give up on my dreams of the pb pie.  I wasn’t too upset though because I actually liked the pie better without the chocolate.  I would have still loved a thicker crust, but it’s almost impossible to go wrong with this pie no matter what.

Now it’s 5:30 and George and I are lying on the couch in a food coma.  We have plans to go bowling tonight, but cornhole may surpass my desire for bowling because I was kicking butt yesterday and love any game that I can beat George in!   My birthday has started off on a great note and I hope it continues!


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