It’s all starting to get real

Before we get into my story for today, I want to share my daily dose of fashion with you.  This is the second day in a row that I wore normal clothes… don’t get too used to it yet though!  I still have 2 more weeks off!


I apologize for the slight blurriness of the picture, but I was in a rush to get out of the door!

Navy shorts: Forever 21
White tank and lace shirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Hotcakes (the BEST Jack Roger imitation sandals!!)
Rose gold bracelets: Charming Charlies
Necklace: Mall boutique (I can’t remember the name of the store, sorry!)

Ok, quickly moving along to the more important stuff!   My wedding planning!

Today I headed out with my mom and George’s mom to tour another potential wedding venue.  This place was another vineyard, but rather than being an hour away from home it was only about 30 minutes!  I am definitely ok with having our wedding somewhere outside of Charlotte, but it makes the preparations easier if we can keep it closer to home.

My mom found out about this winery, Vesuvius Vineyards, through the school she works for.  Each year her school does a fundraiser night complete with dinner and a silent auction and her coworkers (and some of mine) have raved about the vineyard for the past couple of years. Needless to say, I was excited to check it out!

When we got there, we were greeted by a massive civil-war era house.  It was not what we were expecting based on the fact that we were in the middle of no where, but it was beautiful and nicely secluded.

Vesuvius vineyards

Vesuvius vineyards

We quickly noticed the covered deck off to the side and walked over there to check it out.

Say hi to George's mom!

Say hi to George’s mom!

I was immediately impressed with the sprawling, green yard and the bubbling creek (yes, you could actually hear it bubbling) as well as the large space that was already decorated with the string lights and fabric that I love.  I even quickly found a spot off of the side of the deck that I thought would be perfect for a ceremony.

Creekside aisleway

Creekside aisleway

Wouldn’t that just be the perfect spot?  I have always dreamed of an intimate wedding that actually feels intimate, and this space looks perfect for the ceremony.

We spoke with the owners and walked around the property and liked the overall look of the place.  We definitely have a list of pros and cons for both locations, so now the hard work actually begins… decision making!!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m terrible at making decisions.  Two of the hardest decisions we have to make between both places are:

1. being able to serve  liquor vs. beer and wine only (one of the venues doesn’t allow liquor at all) and 2. trying to find a caterer/rental company that we can easily access (and don’t have to pay ridiculous transportation fees for)  if we choose the vineyard from yesterday.  It’s always harder to try to make decisions long distance!

Other things for us to take into consideration are the distance from home, cost (today’s venue is about $1500 more than yesterday’s), being able to bring dogs to the vineyard because you know we won’t be able to leave Rue out of this, having a space for both the bride and groom to get ready on location the day of the wedding, and just the overall feel and look of the location.

So, now you guys have seen both places.  My question to you is:  Which location would you choose?! 

Decisions have always been hard for me, especially when it comes to such an important day like our wedding.  I want everything to be perfect but a wedding in general is quite an expense these days… I’m almost considering a destination wedding just to make these decisions easier!!


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