Pumpkin in July

Yes, I’m aware that it is now August, but I had planned to write this post last week.

Obviously I never got that far.

Unfortunately I do not have another fashion post as of yet. ūüė¶ ¬†Like I said, it is my last week of summer vacation, so I’m really living it up in my gym clothes and slacking on the showers until late at night. ¬†Yea, I’m basically a mess. ¬†But only because I can be right now.

It’s ok, I have better things to share anyways. ¬†If you can’t guess already that must mean it’s food related because, honestly, what’s better than food?

Since school is about to be back in session, I’ve been more in the fall mode rather than the summer mode. ¬†This means that I’ve been actively searching for pumpkin coffee and special edition holiday creamers already, even though I know they won’t be out until the end of September. ¬†Wishful thinking. ¬†When I stumbled upon a pumpkin product I had never seen before, I just knew I had to grab it.



Behold: the Noosa yogurt in a flavor that may actually rival their strawberry rhubarb flavor.

When I told my sister that little fact, she freaked out a ¬†little. ¬†I think I may have hurt her feelings because she told me I wasn’t allowed to make those types of comments¬†to her. ¬†The girls in my family are pretty protective over our¬†food. ¬†We all think that stems from the fact that my mother used to steal items off of our plates constantly when we were growing up and we’ve always felt the need to protect the plate…. in full-on arm covering, hunchback stance.

Anyways, if you have never had the pleasure of trying noosa yogurt before, you really don’t know what you’re missing out on. ¬†It is the creamiest, most flavorful yogurt base that you could ever dream of. ¬†It almost reminds me of a cream cheese-like consistency. ¬†They use all natural ingredients and their cows are all hormone free (you can also see from the lid that their cows are happy- I think that makes all the difference in the world ūüėČ ) and their products always taste extremely fresh. ¬†As I mentioned before, this pumpkin flavor definitely delivered on all accounts.

When I picked it up, I was a little worried that it was going to be a mixture of canned pumpkin and yogurt¬†which is fine, if not a little boring, but boyyyy was I mistaken. ¬†The pumpkin in that little container is full of pie spiced flavor; think nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice and ginger. ¬†Mixed with the creamy yogurt, I almost think of this as more of a dessert than a breakfast item but we can’t be too silly here. ¬†Who doesn’t like sweets for breakfast?!

The nutrition facts on this little baby refer to the entire container (which is 8 oz, but I swear it looks like way more… if you need a comparison, a typical container of Greek yogurt is about 6 oz), in which¬†there are 290 calories, 14 g of protein and 30 g of carbs. ¬†The calorie count really isn’t that bad, but I’m not a huge fan of the carb count. ¬†I’d rather get my carbs from eating bread so instead of eating the entire container in one sitting (I really, reallyyyyy wanted to) I took about 1/4 of the container and mixed it with about 4 oz of plain Greek yogurt. ¬†I also added in 1 Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax bar for some crunch and a small drizzle of honey with extra pumpkin pie spice.

Heaven in a bowl

Heaven in a bowl

Overall, this breakfast was very filling, low on calories but high on protein and DELICIOUS.

I definitely see more of these yogurt bowls in my future. ¬†It’s a great breakfast to enjoy after a hot workout that works up your appetite!

**If you’re interested in trying the Noosa yogurt, here is a coupon for 55 cents off. ¬†They are running a special at Target right now (and they do this special quite a bit) for 2 containers for $4. With the coupon, that means that you can get 2 containers of this yogurt for $3.45! ¬†Even though the size of the yogurt doesn’t sound like much, trust me when I say this will last you, unless you’re like me and can’t put the container away after eating 1 serving. ¬†I have tried many of their flavors and haven’t found one that I don’t like yet! ¬†Happy shopping!